Month: May 2022


How did people used to be with wrist watches in the past?

Imagine for a moment that there are no clocks around you. You don’t have a wrist watch, a desk clock, or a wall clock. You wouldn’t know when it’s bedtime, work time or school time, right? Now let’s go back many, many years ago. How did people measure time before they invented the clocks we use today? People in prehistoric times divided time into only two parts: day and night. Then they...
engraved wooden watches pretoria

Waterproof wooden watch in South Africa 2022

ARE THE WOODEN WATCHES WATERPROOF? If you deciding  to buy a wood watch; then one of the most important questions in your mind appears should be the watch is waterproof. Now, we will answer this question. Resistance against depth is measured as bar which is also atmospheric pressure unit, this is called as ATM. Resistance of Bamboo Watches for Women is 3 ATM. Bamboo Watch for men are...
short courses-Occupational Certificate Office Administrator

Leadership skills development should continue all year

Training leadership staff is an essential activity and responsibility for any employer. When leadership staff oversee the productivity, safety, and well-being of employees, the question of what they should know in order to be successful is of paramount concern. The risks are very high when leadership staff are not effectively trained to deal with a host of communication and process issues on...
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