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WOODEN TIMEPIECES AND FASHION STORY OF WOODEN WATCHES WHEN HISTORY OF WOOD WATCH IS SEARCHED, IT IS SEEN THAT THE STORY OF WOOD WATCH IS REALLY INTERESTING. In 1868, first wrist watch was produced. This developed, new style watch was produced by a Swiss watch maker PATEK PHILLIPE. After this date, wrist watches have become an essential part of daily life and fashion. With this wrist...
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The advance wooden watch was once performed via Abraham-Louis Breguet of 1810 because Napoleon Bonaparte's cousin sister yet additionally the Queen over Naples, Maria Annunziata Carolina Murat, better recognised so Caroline Bonaparte. For on 200 years, the uses of wooden watch has been a beneficial tool because to us according to comprehend the age or a complementary accent so much is well...

How did people used to be with wrist watches in the past?

Imagine for a moment that there are no clocks around you. You don’t have a wrist watch, a desk clock, or a wall clock. You wouldn’t know when it’s bedtime, work time or school time, right? Now let’s go back many, many years ago. How did people measure time before they invented the clocks we use today? People in prehistoric times divided time into only two parts: day and night. Then they...
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