Are you passionate about creating the world around you? Do you dream of designing and building bridges, roads, and buildings? Then a career in civil engineering could be the perfect fit for you!

The Civil Engineering N1-N6 program equips you with the skills and knowledge to enter this exciting field. This nationally recognized qualification is your stepping stone to a rewarding career in construction.

Why Choose Civil Engineering N1-N6?

  • Get hands-on: Learn practical skills through coursework that combines theory with real-world applications.
  • Multiple entry points: Begin your journey at N1 and progress through N6, or if you have some experience, enter at a higher level.
  • Career opportunities: Qualify for various positions in the construction industry, from site supervisor to technician.
  • Flexible learning: Many institutions offer part-time and full-time options to suit your schedule.

What will you learn?

The N1-N6 program covers a broad range of civil engineering subjects, including:

  • Building Science: Understand the materials and principles behind safe and sustainable construction.
  • Building Drawing: Develop the technical drawing skills crucial for creating construction plans.
  • Mathematics: Master the mathematical foundations required for engineering calculations.
  • Civil Engineering Specialization (choose one):
    • Bricklaying & Plastering: Learn the art of laying bricks and creating smooth plaster finishes.
    • Plumbing Theory: Gain the knowledge to design and install plumbing systems.
  • Additional Options (depending on institution):
    • Building Administration
    • Quantity Surveying
    • Building and Structural Construction
    • Building and Structural Surveying

Build a Fulfilling Career

Civil engineers play a vital role in shaping our world. They design and oversee the construction of essential infrastructure, from transportation networks to water treatment plants. This program opens doors to various exciting careers, including:

Take the First Step Towards Your Dream

If you’re ready to embark on a rewarding career in civil engineering, the N1-N6 program is the perfect way to begin. Contact your local technical and vocational education and training college today to learn more about enrollment and kickstart your journey in construction!