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Business listing for all handymen services in Gauteng

Getdirecoty is a business listing for handymen services in and around Gauteng. Here are some of the services that you can get easily from browsing the site.

Specific services that you are sure to get from business listing for plumbers in Pretoria and Johannesburg

·         Drain cleaning services

·         Electric and solar geyser installation and geyser parts replacement

·         Repairs of leaky pipes and burst pipes.

·         Bathroom and kitchen remodelling

·         Toilet repairs and installations

·         Specific services that you are sure to get from plumbers include the following

Specific services that you are sure to get from business listing for home maintenance services in Pretoria and Johannesburg

·         Quality handymen services for all building finishes, like tiling, painting and paving

·         Tiling – wall and floor tiling to meet various needs and purposes. From economic tiling solutions to more sophisticated tiling types. New installations as well as repairs and replacement of tiles.

·         Bathroom remodelling and kitchen remodelling. Small bathrooms and large bathrooms alike.

·         Pavement services for busy areas, walkways, patios, pool surrounds and driveways.

Specific services that you are sure to get from directory of best electrical service providers in Pretoria and Johannesburg

·         Repair and servicing of home and office appliances

·         Installation of lights, outdoor and indoor lights, boundary wall lights, décor light fixtures, tennis court lights and other flood lights for home and sporting facilities.

·         Tripping electricity fixing

·         Home wiring services

·         DB board issues

·         Generator change over switch installations

·         All UPS systems installations


HVAC Contractors – Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

Aircon installations of various ac brands available on the market

Servicing and repairs ac units

Maintenance of fridges both commercial and domestic.

Cold rooms and chiller services.

Engineering surveying and other surveyor services across South Africa

Acquire good rates and services from top engineering surveyors in South Africa

You will get topographic surveyors with latest technology at good rates.

Engineering and hydrographic surveyors.

Leak detection surveying and underground utility detection services.

Demarcation surveys and property boundaries surveys.

Visit Getdirectory to get satisfactory services for all home and office maintenance needs anywhere in Gauteng.

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